A Wish and a Gift - Hope For The Warriors®

A Wish and a Gift

In July of 2008, this Airman's convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device. His injuries included double amputation below the knee, and moderate traumatic brain injury. In 2010, he medically retired from the Air Force and his wife accepted an honorable discharge to stay by his side and focus on his recovery.

In support of her husband, she turned to Hope For The Warriors® and their A Warrior's Wish® Program to help reintegrate her husband into civilian life and a lifestyle that he loved. Through this Wish, she hoped to once again connect her husband with his passion for the outdoors, and foster the bond between him and their young son.

In December 2011, Hope For The Warriors® granted this Wish and worked with Tracker Marine Boat Center to acquire a Tracker Pro Team 175 TXW fishing boat. Hope For The Warriors® was proud to grant this Wish, honoring both of these service members' service, while supporting the strong bonds of family that they uphold.

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