Treadmill Provides Soldier a Safe Route - Hope For The Warriors®

Treadmill Provides Soldier a Safe Route

For this Army veteran, running was a passion. He was proud to compete against soldiers more than 20 years younger than himself. In 2005, this changed when he sustained a brain injury in Iraq.

The injury has caused severe memory loss, moderate cognitive deficits and seizures. These seizures cannot be controlled by medication and are more likely to occur when the core body temperature increases while exercising. However, studies show that exercise improves brain functioning. As this soldier exercised however, his seizures continued and it became unsafe to do the very activity that would help his physical and emotional rehabilitation.

The soldier's wife turned to Hope For The Warriors® with a Wish. Her Wish was for a home treadmill with a harness system. With the exercise equipment in their home, her husband would be able to run without fear of having a seizure in public and with his family nearby for additional safety. We granted this Wish, and with the new equipment in their home, this soldier is getting back on track.

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