A Race Against Time - Hope For The Warriors®

A Race Against Time

One hero's Wish was to compete in the 2010 Single handed Transpac sailing race-a single-man race from San Francisco to Hawaii. Our warrior had the courage, a growing knowledge of sailing and the water, a boat on loan--everything but time and money to offset some of his expenses.

While deployed to Iraq in June 2004, a rocket propelled grenade hit his Humvee and he spent 19 days in a coma. Although strong and healthy now, he sustained permanent injuries include hearing loss, the loss of half of his left loon, and mild brain damage. Most significantly is that our warrior is slowly losing his vision due to the shrapnel that sprayed his eyes.

Granting this Wish allowed him to pursue his sailing dream before losing his vision forever. Fittingly, our hero sailed in a boat called Warrior's Wish and completed his racing adventure on Independence Day. Hope For The Warriors® is proud to be part of this warrior's Wish.

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