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Family Reintegration

The Family Reintegration Program aims to strengthen our military families by educating and caring for the family members of wounded service members.  The FRP supports military families struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  Services can include:

Referrals and Admissions Assistance: The Care Team offers assistance to those seeking inpatient psychiatric services for PTSD, mTBI and associated disorders due to combat trauma.  We provide referrals and assist the veteran and family in finding trauma-focused, evidence based practices, and ideally, assist in identifying family-focused programs.  

Travel Assistance:  Hope For The Warriors® can assist in securing travel to and from inpatient treatment by coordinating with veteran travel programs.  During the veteran's hospitalization, Hope For The Warriors® will evaluate circumstances and needs to determine critical financial needs such as rent/mortgage, utilities.  

Family Counseling:  The Clinical Health & Wellness team provides one-to-one psycho-educational counseling and supportive therapy services to the spouse and family members during the service member/veterans hospitalization.   The counseling can be extended past hospitalization to assist with common discharge concerns, and the reintegration of the family unit.  

Family Reintegration Retreats:  New in 2014 will be the Family Reintegration Retreats, provided to those recently discharged (within 30-45 days) from an inpatient trauma program, addressing PTSD, mTBI, substance abuse, and co-morbid Mood Disorders. 

Reintegration retreats focus on family and the common changes associated with trauma treatment and hospitalization.  Retreats will focus on the skills learned by the veteran while an inpatient as well as teach the spouse and family how to support those changes.  Spouse/caregiver support focuses on self-care, common caregiver burn-out and couples support.  Children are educated in PTSD, SA and mTBI  -- families and will learn healthy communication skills that will support the continued recovery of the combat veteran and the entire family unit.  The retreat provides couples, family, and group counseling; support group work, and respite care.     Military cultural competent, licensed social workers and expressive therapists provide a Wellness approach to reintegration retreats through the use of expressive therapies, therapeutic yoga, and mindfulness practices.

For more information or to inquire about sponsorship opportunitites, e-mail FRP.

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