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Outdoor Adventures - Sailing Clinic

Sailing Clinics

Sailing is one of the therapeutic sports supported by the Outdoor Adventures Program – our clinics are led by two veterans, Ronnie Simpson and Don Gray. Ronnie is a combat wounded veteran and the man who leads the clinics on behalf of Hope For The Warriors® and the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS). Don Gray is a Vietnam Veteran, avid sailor, and the reason that Ronnie is today a sailor. Read Ronnie's incredible journey from combat wounded Marine to today.

In 2013, four clinics are being planned across the country—San Francisco, Rhode Island, and one location still to be determined. Hope For The Warriors® is looking for combat wounded service members who are interested in learning how to sail. Through Ronnie's hard work and enthusiasm, he is confident that anyone can learn how to sail, regardless of disability or injury.

If you are interested in learning more about the sailing clinics, e-mail Don Gray.

This is just the first of four sailing clinics planned for 2013, with three clinics to take place in San Francisco and one clinic in Newport, Rhode Island. The clinics are a collaborative effort between Vietnam Marine Corps veteran Don Gray, retired Iraq Marine Corps veteran Ronnie Simpson and Army veteran Walt Kotecki and was recently featured in the April issue of SAIL magazine. Hope For The Warriors® would like to thank BAADS (Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors), the Commandery of St. Francis Order of St. John, Knights Hospitaller for their support in allowing us to conduct these clinics. Thank you to Hero Miles, a program from Fisher House Foundation, for supporting the travel for each of our veterans.  In addition, we'd like to thank Steissy Nissan, Matt "Doc" King and all of the other volunteers that have helped make this clinic possible. For more information on the clinic, how to contribute or how to apply for future clinics, please contact Nicole Papadopoulos at NPapadopoulos@hopeforthewarriors.org.

Donate Today

With your help, more combat wounded service members can be introduced to the sport of sailing. Donations will pay for necessary supplies and fees and travel expenses.

Donate today by clicking here.

"Sailing provides me a freedom that is hard to find when you are disabled. By sailing, I can compete with able-bodied people." – Cpl Jose Armenta, USMC, sailing clinic participant

Click here to read more about Jose's experience.

Speaking Engagements

Much of the funds needed to hold the sailing clinics are raised through speaking engagements. Both Ronnie Simpson and Don Gray are available to speak to groups. Both men are dynamic and engaging speakers with experience in sailing, military, combat, and, more importantly, life.

If interested in learning more, e-mail Don Gray.

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