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Sgt David Shaw, USMC (Ret.) refused to be airlifted to safety after an IED reduced his convoy to rubble during his 2010 Afghanistan deployment. Although he knew he had been injured, he stayed behind to finish the mission and to save space on the aircraft for more seriously wounded Marines. He sustained severe physical and mental damage – herniated discs and fractured vertebrae, causing crippling back pain, headaches, and reoccurring flashbacks.

After returning home, David was diagnosed with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury, which causes him to suffer from severe memory loss and impaired cognitive skills. David sought help for his PTSD and began weekly therapy sessions but the physical pain remained.

He tried countless medications and treatments but only found relief through woodworking.

Woodworking gives David the fulfillment in life he feared he had lost, frees his mind, and distracts him from the pain. Once only a hobby, woodworking is now a source of income for the young family.

To move forward with his dream of a woodworking business, David turned to Hope For The Warriors® and the A Warrior's Wish® Program. He Wished for tools and workshop space, which would allow his business to expand. The request included a detailed business plan for his company, aptly named Shawdust.

Hope For The Warriors® was proud to grant this Wish and help this brave veteran achieve his dream to support his growing family with the fruits of his labor.

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